Officers 2017 - 2019
Sylvia Briscoe, President
Lauren Cullumber, Vice President
Diane Onorato, Treasurer
Mary Harrington, Secretary


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The Womenís Activity Club (WACís) of Delaware Veterans Post # 1 was established in 1995 by a group of women associated with the Post.  The membership has grown to 73 members and is still growing.

The main goal of WACís is to continuously seek out organizations who survive on donations whether it be meeting the needs of a community organization or veteran associations such as USO, Veteranís Hospital, etc..  Many different events are held to raise money to meet these goals.  While doing so, we enjoy each otherís company and make new friends.

To view the WAC's 2014-2015 season Donation Report   

To view the WAC's 2013-2014 season Donation Report   

To view the WAC's 2012-2013 season Donation Report   

In addition to the monetary donations above. the WAC's sponsored various collections that allowed us to donate over 100 USO Christmas in July Gift Bags to Active Servicemen and Woman, 57 Christmas Gift Bags and 25 Toiletry bags to Homeless Men, Woman and Children at the Sunday Breakfast Mission and over 100 cell Phones for Soldiers. The WAC's are proud to say that 57% of the money donated went towards military and veterans related charities.

The WAC's celebrated  the end of the year with an enjoyable evening and delicious dinner made by Mike Phillips and crew.  The WAC's would like to thank Mike for all his wonderful help through out the year and we would also like to sincerely thank Del Vets for their continuous support. Keep a look out for upcoming events and meetings, beginning in September. The WAC's welcome new members and new ideas  Have a great summer.


(Please note;  100% of the profits raised by the WAC's go towards  501C non profit charities.)